Area 2 – In Vessels

This takes us to the second stage of the process.

Shredded material is then loaded into an empty vessel and once full the cover is drawn over the vessel and the door secured. Fans introduce air through the bottom of the vessel which is then extracted through pipes inside the roof introducing air to the composting material, accelerating the natural composting process. Larger pieces of wood are placed on the floor of the vessel to create an even flow of air through the vessel. Heat is generated naturally in the process which kills any harmful bacteria, allowing the material to break down to produce compost. There are no other additives to the process at all. It is simply now a process of time to let nature take its course as the material breaks down.

8 temperature probes are placed, at even intervals, into each vessel which monitor the temp in each vessel 24 hours a day for the duration. Each batch is required to reach a minimum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius for a period of 24 hours to ensure that only good bacterial remain which are key to the nutritious content of the compost. Finally the compost is moved to another vessel and the process is repeated.